Access and Delivery of Essential Medicines

PEDS 204:

We are pleased to announce the 2009-2010 Access and Delivery of Essential Medicines (ADEM) Lecture Series. Like last year the lecture series this year will be a formal course offered through the department of Pediatrics in the medical school. There will be weekly lectures and discussions pertaining to neglected diseases, underserved and impoverished markets, distribution of biomedical end products, intellectual property of essential medicines, and novel public health strategies.

The class is listed under Peds204 (Axess #78645).  Grading is P/F.  Those not registered for the class are still encouraged to attend the lectures. 


2010 Tentative schedule:

1/5/2010 Gavin Yamey A New Era of Hope for the World's Most Neglected Diseases PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
1/12/2010 Carol Mimura Public Private Partnerships and Global Access Berkeley Office of Technology Licensing
1/19/2010 Jim McKerrow The challenges of developing new drugs for neglected tropical diseases Sandler Institute - Berkeley
1/26/2010 Jay Keasling Synthetic Biology and Neglected Tropical Diseases Synthetic Biology - Berkeley
2/2/2010 Leighton Read VC Funding for Innovations in Global Health Alloy Ventures
2/9/2010 Richard Chin Non-Profit Neglected Tropical Disease Drug Development CEO - One World Health
2/16/2010 TBD Stanford Initiatives to Innovate for the Developing World Stanford affiliates
2/23/2010 Nicole Hassoun Fair trade in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry Stanford/Carnegie Mellon
3/2/2010 Phil Rosenthal Research in Drug Development for Malaria UCSF ID
3/9/2010 Sir Richard Feachem New tools and technologies for improving global health – hype or hope? UCSF, Gilead



PEDS 204, "Access and Delivery of Essential Medicines to Poor and Underserved Communities" is a lecture series and discussion-based course which has been initiated and organized by ADEM. Lectures will be followed by group discussions. Topics to be covered include neglected diseases, underserved and impoverished markets, disease profiles of lower and middle income countries, pricing and distribution of biomedical end products, and intellectual property in medicine and its effect on the delivery of healthcare.

2008-09 Tentative schedule:

Date Speakers Organization Info
Tue Jan 6 Gavin Yamey PLoS - Neglected Disease


Tue Jan 13 Stephen Maurer UC Berkeley Bio:;
Tue Jan 20 John Barton SLS Bio:;   
Tue Jan 27  
Tue Feb 3 Ellen Shaffer CPATH Bio:;
Tue Feb 10 Katharine Ku Stanford OTL Bio:;
Tue Feb 17 Amy Kapczynski UC Berkeley Bio:;
Tue Feb 24 Clifford Samuel Gilead Pharma
Tue Mar 3 Joanna Lowell  BioVentures Global Health Bio:;
Tue Mar 10 Barry Bunin Collaborative Drug Discovery Bio:;
TBA Stephen Hoffman Sanaria Bio:;


07-08 class:

The course meets on Thursdays in Alway M112 (Medical School) from 5:15-6:05. The first lecture is on October 2nd, 2007 (new date). Readings relevant to each lecture will be posted online before the lecture. This is a one credit course and grading is S/NC (or Pass/Fail). Enrollment is open to all.

Please visit this site over the next weeks for more information.


Schedule (as of 10/19/07):

Access and Delivery of Essential Medicines (ADEM)
Speakers for Lecture Series/Course (PEDS 204)
Fall 2007

All lectures are on Thursdays at 5:15 pm in Alway M112 (Medical School), unless otherwise noted

9/27/07 – No lecture

10/2/07 (Tuesday, 5:30 pm) – Gavin Yamey, MD; Consulting Editor, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases: “A New Era of Hope for the World's Most Neglected Diseases”

10/4/07 – Stephen Maurer, JD; Director, Goldman School Project on Information Technology and Homeland Security, UC Berkeley: “Bill Gates' Other Business: Designing Shrewd Incentives for Neglected Disease Research”

10/11/07 – No lecture

10/18/07 – No lecture

10/25/07 – Nick Hellman, MD; Program Leader, HIV/AIDS Program, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: "Can We Control the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic?”

10/29/07 (Monday) – Kirsten Leute, MBA; Senior Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Licensing, Stanford University, and John Barton, JD; Stanford Law School: “Drug access for developing nations: finding a politically plausible approach”

11/1/07 – No lecture

11/8/07 – Jim Patell, PhD; Herbert Hoover Professor of Public and Private Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Eric Green; MD/PhD Candidate, Stanford University: [Lecture Title TBA]

11/15/07 – Jim McKerrow, MD, PhD; Sandler Center for Basic Research in Parasitic Diseases, UC San Francisco: [Lecture Title TBA]

11/22/07 – No lecture (Thanksgiving)

11/29/07 – Chris Earl, PhD; President and CEO, BIO Ventures for Global Health: [Lecture Title TBA]

12/3/07 (Monday) – Eva Harris, PhD; President of the Sustainable Sciences Institute and Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases UC Berkeley: [Lecture Title TBA]

12/6/07 – Ahvie Herskowitz, MD; Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Institute for OneWorld Health: [Lecture Title TBA]




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